May 13, 2011


          Learning Pencil Drawing is not only a good pass time activity but also useful for the science students who have to draw many pictures in their record note. Pencil Drawing is easy and attractive. 

Things you need:-
     i) HB pencils
    ii) 4B or 6B pencils
   iii) Sharpener
   iv) Small knife / blade
    v) Copier Papers (A4-Paper) / Charts
   vi) Soft Rubber
  vii) Small piece of chart

        First, try to draw the outline of some simple pictures. You can trace from magazines or even from your text books. (See the figures below)

               After completing the outline pictures, you must prepare some Pencil Powder to apply. Take a 4B or 6B pencil. Use the knife / blade to scrape the tip of the pencil as shown in the picture below.

Pencil Powder...

Take a piece of chart to prepare Pencil Drawing Stick.

Roll the Chart Piece from one corner and stick a tape on the other corner as shown in the pictures to ensure that the Pencil Drawing Stick is strong and tight.

Now we are ready to draw the shades. Use the pencil powder lightly. For darker shading give a second coat. See the picture below.

Take care to give lighter shade on the places where there is light and darker shade where there is no light on the figure you have drawn. Leave some places shadeless. See the pictures below. It is simple, easy, beautiful and attractive. Isn't it?

To see some of my PENCIL DRAWINGS, go to My Pencil Drawings Posting.

May 11, 2011


Natural Scene in Pencil Drawing. It is simple and attractive.

Mahathma Gandhiji in Pencil Drawing which I like the most.

Malayalam Actor Mohan Lal. I drew this picture for my friend who was from Kerala when I was doing my

This is also a pencil drawing. But I used rubbers to draw this picture. I gave dark shade to the full paper using pencil powder first and then I rub the placed where you see the light. It gives you a feel of traveling through a forest, doesn't it?

May 10, 2011


This is one of my most favorite pictures. I drew this for my friend when I was doing my B.Ed. I have used black, orange, yellow and green ball pens to draw this picture. Only my name is added using photoshop.

I drew this picture using the black and rose Reynolds Ball pen.
I drew this for my elder sister when she was pregnant. She gave birth to a female baby as beautiful as the picture below.
This was also drawn by me using ball pens. I drew this to wish my friend a very happy birthday.